Grout Haze on Marble Floor Cleaning Newton, MA


Grout Haze on Marble Tile, Newton MA

Customer called with concerns about her marble floor not looking so good!

I visited the customer’s home to evaluated the condition of the marble floor.  Upon close inspection, it was evident that the marble floor installer did the job in a rush or was careless and did not perform a thorough final cleaning procedure.

There was large amounts of grout haze left on the marble tile and I believe a tile sealant was applied to this.  Removal of grout haze from tile can be very difficult, even more if is left too long  and worst if left on marble or other natural stone tile.

With over ten years of experience in repairing this type of damage, we were able to strip the haze, hone and polish the marble floor to its original beauty and elegance that is deserving of this type of floor.