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Local MA and Rhode Island Marble Tile and Grout Cleaning and Repair

cleaning repair of marble tile and grout
Marble Tile Grout Cleaning Repair

Grout is used on a tiled floor or wall to dress the seams between the tiles.  Depending on the type of tile and size of grout line, a sanded grout or unsanded  is used.

For ceramic or porcelain tiles with grout lines 1/8 inch and over, a sanded grout is best.  Sanded grout will not shrink and it holds better at wider grout joints.  For grout joints 1/2 inch and over, a higher sand content is best.

For polished natural stone tiles such as marble, a grout line of 1/16 inch with unsanded grout is preferred.  Using sanded grout  on polished marble can scratch the surface of the tile.  Installing unsanded grout in grout joints over 1/8 inch is not recommended since the grout can shrink and crack.

Weather your marble or ceramic tile installation has sanded grout or unsanded grout, the grout needs to be kept clean anc maintained.  This can be very difficult since grout is very porous.

It is recommended that the grout in a newly installed floor or wall be sealed after right after the right amount of curing time has been allowed for the gout.  This will help in maintaining the grout clean and will allow ease of cleaning.

If the grout has become soiled and dingy and normal household cleaning products are not producing great results than it may be time to call a grout cleaning professional.

An experienced tile and grout cleaning professional is equipped with the proper cleaning products and equipment to safely emulsify and remove soils that embedded deep in the grout lines .  Specialized Floor Care Services Co. is trained and certified by the Institute of  Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (iicrc) in cleaning, sealing and repair of tile and grout.

Cracked tiles or broken grout lines is an indication that there is potentially something wrong with the underlayment or the grout installation.

Call us for an evaluation.  Our approach is to determine the cause of the damage and advise you on a course of action.

Our services include repair of one damage tile to regrouting an entire floor or wall.

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