Marble Restoration

Marble Restoration

For 10 years, Specialized Floor Care Services Company has been providing marble cleaning, sealing, polishing, repair and marble restoration services to the commercial and residential sectors in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.   We specialized in marble floor polishing, marble floor cleaning and marble counter top cleaning, marble restoration and polishing.

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Removal of scratches and etching by honing
Hone Stone Floor

What character and beauty there is in natural stone such as marble. Newly installed marble in the proper setting presents the pinnacle of excellence and good taste.  A professional tile setter can be one of the most valuable contractors on a construction project because of the fine finishes they install and a professional stone restoration company is a good resource to have handy in case of an emergency.

A polished marble floor, wall or counter top will stay polished for ever if it is not disturbed or exposed to acidic cleaning products or foot traffic.  Unfortunately, no matter how careful anyone is of their marble work, situations come along that cause stains and scratches making the marble floor polish look dull and uninviting.   At this point it can be very easy to consider replacing your existing marble floor or counter top, but replacing can be very costly both in money and time.

Are you aware that some natural or even green cleaners can damage your precious marble?  Part of our professional marble restoration service is to offer our clients information on how to take care of their marble surfaces.

Complete restoration of  floor
Restoration of Floor

Marble is a calcite; mostly calcium.  This makes marble very sensitive to acidic products such as vinegar, wine, tooth paste or salad dressing.  These types of products cause etching on marble.  Etching is a spot on marble that looks grayish or dull and very visible, making your marble floor or top look soiled and uninviting.  Some contractors or in-house cleaning staff may actually harm your marble with the cleaning solutions they use.  Inexperienced workers should never use acidic cleaning products on or near your marble, because some of those products will cause the calcium in the marble to react with the acid in those products leaving the effects of etching on the marble surface.  Anyone who does not know what these chemicals are or understand the properties of marble and other natural stone should never be allowed to work on your beautiful marble.

Proper marble cleaning care is an acquired trade by schooling and constant learning.  It requires knowledge and understanding of the different types of marble and natural stone as well as the chemicals that can cause damage.

If your marble floor or counter top is showing signs of wear or have lost its original luster, it may be time to call a professional marble restoration company.  Marble should have maintenance from a professional every five to seven years, even if it still looks good.  The right contractor will be able to explain how to care for the marble in the interim between visits.  It is much easier and less expensive to care for marble the right way on a regular basis, so expensive repair costs can be avoided.

Specialized Floor Care Services, can provide the  right advise and information you need to keep your marble beautiful for many years to come.

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