Marble in the Kitchen

kitchen marble countertop and marble floors

Mable is such practical, beautiful and versatile stone that it can be used in any part of the home; specially when is used as kitchen marble for countertops or kitchen floors.

Complementing your kitchen decor with marble is considered to be very elegant and trendy.  Marble lends itself as a practical countertop, floor or wall material.   It can be used as kitchen floor cover and as a backslash, tiles or marble mosaics.

Long are the days when the average home owner would consider using marble for their kitchens.  As the price of marble and its installation become more affordable and the material more available, more and more people are becoming daring and bold with their kitchen design and are incorporating marble into their kitchen design.

Kitchen Marble counter top in kitchen
Kitchen Marble Countertop

Kitchen Marble Countertop

Marble can be found in large slabs in thicknesses of 3/4 inch to 1 inch thick for countertops. The variation of colors and combination of are endless.  Marble can used in combination with granite, limestone, bluestone, soapstone or other kitchen countertop material.

Use of marble as a marble kitchen countertop material deserves some careful considerations.  Although marble is a rock, it is a very soft rock and prone to scratching.  Marble is very sensitive to acid and does not like everyday kitchen products such as vinegar, soda, citrus juice, wine, salad dressing, tomatoes, and the list goes on.  For daily cleaning, we must be careful to use neutral cleaners specifically formulated to be used on marble.

Kitchen Marble Floors

An interior designer or architect can have a field day selecting marble tiles to design a kitchen marble floor.  Marble is very easy to incorporate in an overall kitchen design.  As a finish look, a designer can play with the different colors and mix families of marble to get that special pattern and color combination.

When selecting marble for a kitchen floor, strong emphasis and consideration should be placed on the upkeep of the floor.  As stated before, marble is very sensitive to acidic products and prone to scratch.  With high traffic, it can become dull and soiled very quickly.

Combining granite or wood with marble in the kitchen floor is not recommended.  At some point, the marble in the kitchen floor will have to be refinished by a stone restoration professional.  Having these types of materials will make the restoration more of a challenge that some restoration professionals may not be willing to tackle.

If you already have marble installed in your kitchen, you may want to give us a call!  We are experienced marble restorers and for over 10 years have been restoring the marble in the kitchens of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire kitchens.

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