Hire Marble Contractor

Tips to Hire a Marble Contractor We look to hire a marble contractor that is experienced and responsible.  When a marble contractor is hired to restore marble floors, marble counter tops, statues or other natural stone surface, owners are often brought to understand that the previous marble contractor who did the marble job originally did […]

Sealing Marble

Sealing Marble Floors, Marble Counter Tops, or Marble Showers Many do-it-yourselfers assume they can seal their own marble just as well as a professionals stone restoration contractor can, but they may not know what type of marble sealer to use or how to apply it properly. The purpose of marble sealers is to protect your […]

Marble in the Kitchen

kitchen marble countertop and marble floors Mable is such practical, beautiful and versatile stone that it can be used in any part of the home; specially when is used as kitchen marble for countertops or kitchen floors. Complementing your kitchen decor with marble is considered to be very elegant and trendy.  Marble lends itself as […]

Marble Chip and Scratch Repair

Marble Chip Repair – Marble is very soft and can be fragile.  Caution must be taken when moving larger marble pieces such as statues or furniture.  heavy objects on floor and counter tops should have felt protecting pads on the bottom.  Moving these objects can scratch the marble surface. Fortunately, most of the marble damage […]

What is Marble

What is Marble? The word marble is from the Greek word that translates to “shining stone.” Natural marble comes from the metamorphism of carbonate, sedimentary rocks. Typically, these are dolomite or limestone. During the metamorphism, re-crystallization occurs in the carbonate mineral grains. The rock that is produced through this process has interlocking carbonated crystals. The […]

What to Look for in Marble Installation

Marble Installation One way to understand what a good marble installation looks like is to see a bad one. Unfortunately, there are many tile installations that are not done properly, and the end user doesn’t realize there are problems until some time has passed. At the very beginning, the marble that is used has a […]

Selecting Marble for Your Project

Which Marble is Best? There is a wide range of materials used for marble related construction. Selecting the one that is right for every application doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. Here are a few tips to help you select the right marble for your project. Floor Treatments in Entrance Areas Marble floors […]

How is Marble Polished

How is Marble Polished? Polishing is an important part of caring for marble surfaces. How often this is necessary is dependent on how much a surface is used. A heavy traffic area of marble flooring will need a refresher much more often than a countertop in a little used bathroom. Clean Marble Surfaces First Before […]